A State- of- the- Art, Zero waste forest products manufacturing facility

Coming to Bonfield, Ontario, Canada

Facts: We own the property on which the facility will be housed. Our financing is in place conditional upon the approval of MNRF’s issuance of a Facility License.  We expect, and we have heard, that there will be some industry objections to this facility becoming reality. Our facility will meet ALL government regulations. We expect the Facility License to be in place in early summer 2019 once the Minister considers all comments, in favour and in opposition of the establishment of this facility. –  with our funding partner, very soon after the Facility License is issued, we will hold a media event to showcase our site’s final design details and announce our construction and operational plan timelines.  We will all celebrate this milestone achievement!

A 212-acre site on Highway 17 and Trout Pond Road will house our zero-waste forest products facility that will use byproducts to fuel itself.  State-of-the-art equipment on site guarantees our ability to make specialty products in environmentally sound and cost effective ways. We will be competitive on the provincial, national and global levels.  READ MORE

Facts: We have confirmed the fibre we need to meet our business plan needs is available to us.  Our state- of -the- art equipment and suite of products are built around the fibre species, quantity and quality being made available to us.  We have completed the market research related to the sale of our products (who, where, what).  We have a solid business plan and the funding commitments in place to meet our goals!

Our manufacturing facility, Bonfield Forest Products, will process softwood and hardwood, producing lumber as well as value-added products such as tongue-and-groove decking, hardwood flooring and pre-packaged log homes. In addition, wood waste from the operation will be used on site to produce pellets for home heating.

Facts: Our state- of -the- art facility will directly employ approximately 90 people. Our core senior management team has been identified. We plan to hire able and available local people to meet our operational needs. Our compensation package will be competitive. Soon before we are ready to become operational,  we will  post  job opportunities with the local employment centre (YES! Employment Services).  Indirectly, this facility will be responsible for more job creation. We have entered into discussions with harvesting companies who have approached us to work for and with us.  We look very forward to the time when all licenses and permits are in place, construction begins and hiring can take place!

Once MNRF issues the facility license and our construction permits have been issued, we can begin construction. Once construction is near completion, we will begin hiring.  Positions will be posted with YES! Employment Services and on our webiste.  You can view all available job openings by following the link below.