International Wood Industries, Inc., managing shareholder of Bonfield Forest Products, Inc., will be producing a large variety of wood products destined for local and global markets.


A good portion of products will be what is known in the North American market as dimensional lumber (SPF). These products are generally used in residential construction in North America. With strong demand by builders in Toronto and Ottawa, IWI expects most of its dimensional lumber to go to these destinations.  As well, shipping production by rail further afield in packs or containers including across Canada, the USA, to ports and overseas will be easy with the rail siding that the mill will have.


The mill will also be producing hardwood products. Primary production envisioned is solid hardwood flooring and furniture stock. The mill will be able to quote and deliver custom orders on a global basis.


White and Red Pine products will be produced as well. Products will include 1” and 2” boards, Tongue & Groove Boards and decking and large timbers for log homes.  Log home packages will be delivered globally.